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5 Best Places to Get Interview Shoes

It can be so hard to put together cohesive, stylish outfits for interviews. In particular, shoes can be really tricky. It’s so important to convey the right message to your potential future employers, and that comes with making the right decision in terms of the color, style, and height of your shoe. These stores with a variety of price points will certainly have something for you.

1. Banana Republic

Banana Republic has to be my top pick for interview shoes. They have such a wide selection to choose from, and so many different styles depending on whether you want a heel or more of a loafer. As someone who loves pantsuits, I think these are the perfect loafers to make your outfit pop!

2. Nordstrom

Although a bit pricey at times, Nordstrom is certainly my other go-to when I’m willing to spend a bit more. Similar to Banana Republic, Nordstrom has tons of diverse options. These loafers are slightly more affordable than the ones above, and would look great with black pants and a blouse or a black pantsuit.

3. DSW

DSW is a great option if you want something a bit cheaper, without a major decrease in quality. DSW has decent prices and a great selection of heels. I love how many colors each of their shoes comes in, so you don’t have to dim your vibrant personality just because you’re shopping for an interview. These heels would add such a beautiful pop of color to any interview outfit!

4. Target

Target has a great selection of affordable heels to choose from. It can definitely be tricky to find heels with the appropriate height for an interview, but Target’s got you covered. These suede heels would be a staple in your formal attire.

5. Macy's

Finally, we have Macy’s.Macy’s is arguably the most affordable option, not terribly far off from Target’s prices. Macy’s is a great place to purchase the basics of your formal wardrobe. These classic heels would definitely be great if you’re looking for simple heels to complete any look.



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