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 Our mentors are women from all walks of life, from vice-chancellors of universities to company CEOs and to women just like you who are looking for ways to pay it forward.


We rely on the incredible expertise of our volunteer mentors to make a difference in the lives of women who participate in any of our programs. Every year, we continue to see the tremendous benefit of our 1:1 mentoring program in the lives of women in the Dream Mentorship community.

We maintain a rigorous vetting process to maintain the quality of our programs. All volunteer mentors will complete an application process to help pair mentors with mentees effectively.


You will mentor women typically 20-40 years old, from several parts of the U.S and other countries. Our mentees are women looking to make their dreams a reality.


On a topic you are passionate about. Often the mentee is interested in learning from your career or life experiences. We also provide weekly conversation prompts.


We will provide a toolkit that explains your options. Typically we recommend 15minutes per week on the easiest form of communication for you and your mentee.

Your Role:

  1. Meet with your mentee once a week for 15minutes or once a month for one hour.

  2. You and your mentee will decide the best way to communicate and the best time to hold a session. You can do a phone call, zoom meetings or Whatsapp voice or video calls, or a combination of all three means.

  3. You and your mentee will decide what you will talk about at each session. We suggest that you share your career journey with them and encourage an open conversation around the topics covered in the curriculum. The topic for each week will be given to you as well to guide the conversations. You can choose to have a conversation around each week's topic or anything related to what the mentee is going through.

Dream Mentorship

Say Yes Today

Your decision to say YES to our call for mentors will make a difference in the lives of women beyond the United States. Please consider volunteering at least 15 minutes of your time each week to help accelerate mentorship and upward mobility for women. We hope you say yes!

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