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Are you a woman struggling to follow through on your goals?

We can help! Our exclusive, women focused program provides 1:1 mentoring, resources, and tools to help you reach your dreams. 

How we mentor our
women members

Step 1

Sign up to become a member in our growing community of women pursuing a life of purpose & living their dreams.

Step 2

Connect with other women working on achieving their goals. Join us online every last Saturday of the month for sisterhood, fellowship & accountability.

Step 3

Be mentored personally by an industry expert. Enroll in our Mentorship Academy or register for summer camp.

Step 4

Grow your leadership skills, boost your resume. Become an ambassador and help mentor other women.

Become a mentee

We understand your busy schedule. Our flexible mentorship options are designed to work with your time constraints.


Your dream starts here.

Get the support and encouragement you deserve. Join our community of Christ-centered, authentic, and dream-chasing women who want more out of life!

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