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Help bring Mentorship
to every woman on the planet. 

Mentorship insecurity is massive. But together, we can solve it. 100% of your generosity helps us bring accessible, affordable mentorship to women around the world.

Join us as we commemorate International Women's Week with a virtual fundraising event like no other. Our theme, "Once Upon a Story…," celebrates the diverse and powerful stories of women around the world.

March 8th, from 11:30 am ET


Keynote Address:

Dr. Zillah Fluker

Join us for a remarkable keynote address by Dr. Fluker. Dr. Fluker, is a 23-year leader in Corporate America and Higher Education. She brings a unique blend of life experiences and a diverse professional background to her role as the Director of Executive Leadership at the United Negro College Fund Institute for Capacity Building and the impactful work of leadership development as the Co-Founder of the Why Not Win Institute. 

Dr. Zillah Fluker, holds four degrees from Purdue University and Alabama State University; a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Policy and Law, and Bachelor of Arts in History from Alabama State, and a master’s in business administration and a Master of Arts from Purdue University.

Be part of a movement that is changing lives and shaping the future for women everywhere 

Sharonne Lanier - Headliner

In fourth grade, Sharonne Lanier’s teacher forced the entire class to learn Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s “I Have a Dream” speech for an oratorical contest. Sharonne thought this idea was weird, but little did she know this would change the course of her life forever. She discovered she had a talent for performing in front of people. This talent would lead her down the road of acting and blossom into her undying passion. Sharonne has been performing professionally for 2 decades on stage and in front of the camera. Some of her most recent credits include FOX's "The Resident," NBC's "Bluff City Law," ABC's "Women of the Movement," Karen Abercrombie's "Discarded Things" and Barry Alexander Brown's "Son of the South" where she was featured as Rosa Parks. It is not Sharonne's goal to simply entertain, but she says, "I am an actress who will use my God given talents to positively motivate people. I seek to participate in productions that aim to teach and enhance the joy and integrity of people's lives. I will leave this world knowing I contributed to making a number of people's lives easier to live.”

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Join Us To Turn the Dreams of More Women Into Reality Through Access to Mentorship.

"This class really places some things into perspective. It made me think about things more intentionally- things I never really thought about before. In many ways, the D.R.E.A.M workshop, teaches you how to dream again."

Dr. Sloss

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