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Have you struggled with finding the right resources to help you in your career and professional development?

Do you have questions about your purpose, passion, and goals?

Do you ever wish someone showed you the blueprint of how to start a business? This conference is curated just for you, join us for Dream & Brunch!


About the event

  • You will hear practical experiences and stories of successful female business owners and business professionals to help you focus your ideas and live out your dreams.

  • You will gain insight into financial freedom - learn how to plan the retirement you dream of.

  • Learn fail-proof tips on how to start, sustain and run a successful business.

  • You will learn how to study abroad, scholarship options for international students, and the lived experiences of women students.

  • Enjoy girl talks, giveaways, guest speakers, fun photo ops, networking opportunities, and more! There will be food, panel conversation, fellowship, and fun!


Who is it for?

Women of all ages looking to network and grow personally and professionally.



When is it?

Nov. 4, 2023 | 9 am - 2 pm

The event is hybrid style with an online option available.

How to sign up?

supportive in more ways than on

Dream Mentorship has encouraged my growth as a leader, woman, student, and entrepreneur. The textbook scholarship helped me cover one of my largest educational expenses, as well as helped me get connected with a phenomenal mentor. The DreamUp Community has been generous, kind, and supportive at every step. Overall, I’m grateful and blessed to have stumbled upon Dream Mentorship because the tools and experience I’ve gained have been truly

– Reyann

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