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We are on
a mission

to accelerate mentorship for millions of women worldwide.

We support the dreams of women by providing mentorship, education, resources, and seed funding needed to turn a dream into a reality. Join our movement so more women can truly live the life they dream of.

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Dream Mentorship is a mentoring and professional development 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing women with the mentoring, training, and resources they need to pursue their dreams with confidence and clarity because we believe EVERY dream is valid.

With our 5-STEP approach, we help women move from the idea stage to make their dreams a reality. We do not spend time on fluff but focus on one goal at a time in helping women achieve their personal goals within 3-6 months.


Our vision is to build a community where the dreams of women are supported and eventually, more than 50 percent of women in the world are living the life they dream of.


To accelerate mentorship, educate, equip and support women worldwide, helping them turn their dreams into reality.


We want every woman to discover their purpose and live out their wildest dreams knowing that God created them for a purpose.

Our Story

In summer of 2018, God put it on my heart to mentor young women in the Auburn area. I was so scared that my hands shook as I typed the ad up to share on Facebook. For weeks no one registered and I questioned whether I heard God at all. Closer to the start date, I got my first registration. More ladies registered for my free 8 weeks mentorship workshop. At the end of 8 weeks of learning, we had a graduation ceremony with 6 young women graduating from our summer program. That began the journey of what you see here today.

My dream is to see women win in every aspect of their life. I never want to see a woman not living her best life because she doesn't have access to resources, mentoring or tools. This movement to see women live the life they dream of is what what pushes me each day. So, I personally invite you to join our fight to ensure no woman is without resources & mentoring.


Let's do this together because our dreams are valid.

Mac-Jane Crayton, Ph.D.

Founder & Executive Director

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Dream Mentorship

Support Women Mentorship

Your gift is an investment in the life of a young woman to receive the support and education she needs to live the life she dreams of. Your donation will help us continue our scholarship and mentoring programs that are changing the lives of women around the world.

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