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My DreamUp Experience

This past summer, I had the opportunity to take part in Dream Mentorship's summer program, the DreamUp Experience. It was 6 weeks full of getting to know other women, learning from professionals, and talking with my mentor. I'm not going to lie, I was a little worried about spending a few of my summer Saturdays in a Zoom meeting, but it exceeded all my expectations and more!



My favorite lessons by far were the ones that focused around personality types, spiritual gifts, work styles, and core values. I have always loved learning more about myself and why I am the way that I am, and our first two weeks focused on those topics. Personally, I am an Enneagram Type 6, my love languages are quality time and acts of service, and that my work styles tend to surround things having to do with humanitarianism and caring for others. I knew all of that already, but what I didn't know or didn't realize was how they all connect together, and how I can use them to further my career and goals. The program helped me understand that you can take personality tests all day long, but until you actually apply them to help you develop your skills and personality, all it is is just words on a screen. By knowing that I am a sensing, caring, and very feeling person, I know that I can master any sort of career and life challenges that come my way.


Another amazing part of this program was the time I spent with my mentor, Cassidy Dear. Cassidy is a licensed social worker and therapist who specializes in developing people and leads in many community organizations, and she also founded a nonprofit that is now closed. From the very first meeting, it was very obvious how perfect of a matching this was. Every time one of us told a story from our past (or even sometimes present), the other had the same thing in common. We both started our college careers by majoring in interior design, then switched and thought about possibly marriage therapy or child development. Cassidy landed on social work as a major, while I'm doing sociology currently, but the similarities were shocking to me.

Over the 6 week period, Cassidy helped me fully develop and understand how I can use my talents and personality to excel, as well as what my next steps career-wise should be. I am naturally a shy and introverted person, but my time with Cassidy felt extremely chill and I felt like I could really be myself and tell her how I feel freely. We both learned a lot from one another, and I truly think she will be a friend and mentor for life.


Overall, this 6-week program surprised and amazed me at every turn, and I know that I (and every other woman) came out a better woman than how I entered. I can't wait to experience it again next summer.


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