Best Summer Personal Growth Camp for Women!

JOIN US IN 2022.

June 11 - July 16, 2022 | Virtual - via zoom

History of Summer Program

We started the DreamUp Experience to give women, 20-34 years old an opportunity for personal growth and professional development. If you've ever had questions about your personality, why you act the way you act, or the best career choice for you, this is your opportunity to know more about yourself and live the life you truly desire.

What to Expect

Pursing your dreams shouldn't be hard. Let's work on your dreams together.

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Access to Industry Experts

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Group Mastermind

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Self-discovery, professional development, and personal growth

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Accountability, motivation & community


“ My time at the Dream Mentorship Summer Workshop was very informative and memorable. I learned a lot more than just some business tips, I learned how to be more comfortable in my own skin as well as how to discover myself. We had in-depth discussions that really made me think about what’s important in life and how it’s important to prioritize. I went into this workshop thinking that I was content and that there wasn’t much more that I could do to prepare myself for the future but during these past few weeks I’ve realized that all of us have an untapped potential that we can all keep reaching for. I feel like anything’s possible. I’ve been reinspired to chase my dreams and nobody can take that away from me again. Getting to hear all the inspirational stories from our guest speakers was really eye-opening. I also really appreciated the strong community support we had as well as Mac-Jane’s consistent and undying passion and support. I truly would recommend this workshop to anybody looking to get reinspired and getting to know yourself on a deeper level.“

~ Shannon McQuaid

Other ways you can be involved?

Sign up to be one of our expert volunteer mentors. Your expertise can transform a woman's life. As a volunteer mentor, you will be paired with a mentee and you will be required to meet with your mentee once a week for six weeks. Volunteer mentors will be provided with onboarding training and assistance to make their individual mentoring sessions a success. Ready to get started? 

Or, you can become an International Mentor for our fall 2021 International Mentor Project Cohort, as a mentor for high school girls in Nigeria.

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