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Helping Hands

Wall of Honor

Created by intern Lauren Graham, this wall of honor will allow us to recognize and honor everyone who consistently donates their time, resources, and finances to the work we do here at Dream Mentorship. Thank you to everyone who has given to Dream Mentorship.

Dream Mentorship believes that every woman deserves a chance to have a brighter future and has provided life-changing services to more than 257 women. Now more than ever, it is vital that we can continue impacting the lives of women in developing nations, first-generation college students, small business owners, and anyone who needs support!

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Reyann Gallegos,
Mentee & Textbook Scholarship Recipient

“Dream Mentorship has encouraged my growth as a leader, woman, student, and entrepreneur. The textbook scholarship helped cover one of my largest educational expenses, as well as helping me get connected with a phenomenal mentor. The DreamUp Community has been generous, kind, and supportive at every step. Overall, I’m grateful and blessed to have stumbled upon Dream Mentorship because the tools and experience I’ve gained have been truly transformative.”

Meet Our Volunteer Mentors

Ashley Martin

Ashley is an expert in business, networking, relationship-building, and self-publishing.

Amber Hanel

Amber has more than 15 years of experience in arts education and has a background in theatre, film, marketing, and event planning.

Angela Burns

Angela has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and public relations across various industries.

Ayo Aigbe

Ayo is the founder of a premium clothing startup and is experienced in the consumer packaged goods industry.

Dr. Becky Pogoreski

Becky has a PhD in chemistry and is an applications chemist. She has also worked in technical and managerial roles as a food scientist.

Cassidy Dear

Cassidy is a licensed social worker and therapist who specializes in developing people and leads in many community organizations.

Cherise Irons

Cherise is a retired educator with 17 years of experience. She is currently a John Maxwell Team Coach and has a background in leadership, social sciences, and special education.

Christie Clifton

Christie is a third-year doctorate student and instructor in the School of Kinesiology at Auburn. She specializes in kinesiology, exercise science, and nutrition.

Diane Jaimison

Diane is an experienced educator who is passionate about mentoring women.

Dr. Dequies Lanier

Dequies is a Doctor of Education and specializes in communication and organizational leadership, as well as women's empowerment.

Esohe Egiebor

Esohe works with the Montgomery public school system and specializes in secondary social studies education.

Eloise Stewart

Eloise is the founder of Eloise Design Co and is an expert in career coaching, personal branding, and marketing. 

Emi Angulu

Emi is a human resource manager who is passionate about helping people fulfill God's purpose in their lives by becoming the best versions of themselves.

Hollie Cost

Hollie is a former mayor of Montevallo and has 21 years of experience as a special education professor. She is currently the AVP of University Outreach & Public Service at Auburn University.

Jacquelin Crumm

Jacquelin is a licensed realtor with experience in healthcare management, operations management, data analysis, process mapping, and gap analysis.

Janie Brown

Janie is a certified master life coach with experience in logo design, print design, market research, and publication.

Karen Rankin

Karen provides oversight and information technology support to all departments at Auburn University.

Kisha Browning

Kisha is a project engineer with experience in functional safety, quality, and six sigma.

Nicka Hohenkirk

Nicka has a Master's in Public Administration and specializes in government, policy, and self-esteem building. 

Nikeeta Gilbert

Nikeeta is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who is currently studying to become a veterinary acupuncturist.

Pamela Davis

Pamela is an entrepreneur with 9 years of experience in electrical engineering. She is an expert in communication, leadership, marketing, and strategy.

Rose James

Rose serves as Global Trademark Counsel, managing the Cummins global trademark portfolio. She provides support on copyright, marketing, and branding issues.

Shavon William

Shavon is an experienced mentor who helps others find their passion. She has also served as a mentor for Abba Girls' Ministry.

Sherina Hill 

 Sherina is a professional life coach with an extensive background in leadership and personal development.  

Teré Edwards

Teré is a compliance manager and is responsible for governmental compliance, conducting internal investigations, and writing company policies.

Meet Our Donors & Supporters


Alice Stern

Blessing People

Douglas Shafer

Gloria Reese

Jeffery Hestley

Kathryn Skinner

Lauren Cole

Oslyn Rodriguez

Tina Holloway

Amanda Zimmerman

Christie Clifton

Erika Gomez

Gracious  Okorie

Jennifer Graham

Kelly Scarbrough

Marrell Crayton

Serena Rudd

Valarie Thomas

Anitrea Smith

Christie Seltmann

Francisca Quarcoo

Hollie Cost

Jessica Johnson

Kimberly Brown

Mac-Jane Crayton

Sheree Clay

William Calvo

Anoluwapo Oyelola 

Christina Oliver

Funlola Awoyemi

James Brown

Joanna Boyd

Kisha Browning

Monica Feldman

Stephen Angulu

Barnese Adair-Wallace

Constant Asabia

Gerald A Zimmerman

Janie M Brown

Justin Lambert

Krista Zerby

Olabusola Awoyemi

Tiffany Bell

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Watch Our Thank-You Video

We thank all of our donors and volunteers!

Lauren Graham,
Intern & Mentee

"Getting involved with Dream Mentorship is one of the best decisions I've ever made! Through the intern program I learned a wide range of valuable skills while working directly under Mac-Jane, who consistently encouraged and invested in me. 

I also had the opportunity to go through Dream Mentorship's mentee program with an incredible mentor who set me up with professional connections, answered all of my career questions, and gave meaningful personal advice.  

Because of my involvement with Dream Mentorship as an intern and mentee, I'm more prepared than ever to follow my dreams and live an extraordinary life! My time spent here was a life-changing experience that I can't recommend enough."

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