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We have the plan.

Dream Mentorship Academy guides you through a 5-step process to launch and live your dream. Whether you are starting a business or achieving a BIG goal, our mentors, experts, and course work will ensure you set and achieve your goal in 5 months. 

Dream Mentorship Academy

All-inclusive tuition price:



What is included in the course? 

  • 5 monthly guru mentoring calls with live Q&A and replay options

  • 24 weekly calls with in-residence mentors with goals review smart sheet

  • Video course modules with downloadable application worksheets 

  • Community, friendships, and encouragement to achieve your goal

  • Self-paced flexible schedule 

How it works

This course is for women beginning at age 20. If you are woman, especially a mom looking to start a business or ready for more in life, this program is for you. 

How long is the course?

The program is self paced. You can finish within 3 to 6 months, but the program will run ideally for five months. For the spring cohort you will begin in February and end in June. If you are on the fall cohort, you will begin in August and end in December.

What will I gain from the course?

At completion, you will be equipped to accomplish your goal. You will gain unbeatable community, access to resources and industry experts, and the joy of completing a personal goal or launching your business.


Anything that you apply your time and effort towards finding your purpose will truly impact your future towards to be successful. This prepared me towards exploring my career and finding my passion, but helped me find my purpose through learning the necessary tools from guest speakers that gave me inspiration to continue to push forward. I believe the only way you will see results, once you continue to invest your time that has a purpose, eventually your dreams will come true.

– Danielle

Meet our Industry Expert Instructors

Larkin Jones.jpg

Larkin Jones
Entrepreneur & Small Business Coach

 Month 1 | February:

How to build a winning business plan and business pitch deck

NicoleToole HeadShot.jpeg

Nicole Toole
Cofounder/CEO of Conserve Innovations
nth 2 | March:
Pitching to investors

Rosemary James.jpg

Rose James
Intellectual Property and Technology Leader Month 3 | April:
Intellectual property & trademarks: 
Must know and must have legal protection for your business

Eloise Stewart.jpg

Eloise Stewart
Owner, Eloise Design Co.
4 | May:
Launching and marketing your business the effective way


Month 5 | June:
roduct Design

Program Mentors

Margaret Crumbley.jpg

Margaret Crumbley
In-Residence Mentor

Book Me
Shenicka Hohenkirk.jpg
Ayshia Green-Calloway.jpg

Shenicka Hohenkirk
In-Residence Mentor

Ayshia Green-Calloway
In-Residence Mentor

Book Me
Book Me

Ready to jump in?

In just 5 months, you will be discovering your purpose in life, and finding the steps to start living a life you love. 

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