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Dream Mentorship Provides Women the Resources They Need to Achieve their Greatest Dreams

Coming into the summer program, mentee Anuoluwapo was unsure of how to ask for help when needed and felt like she had to rely on herself for everything. After the program, she believes that she is able to trust others and reach out for help so that she can truly excel in life.

"I have learned and am learning the value of community and mentors. I can boldly say that I have definitely started dreaming again."

Anuoluwapo, and over 21 other women, experienced amazing shifts in their life after going through Dream Mentorship's summer program, the DreamUp Experience. It's only the second year of the summer program's existence, but it's already making huge strides in the world of mentoring young women.

They started the DreamUp Experience to give women, 20-34 years old an opportunity for personal growth and professional development. "If you've ever had questions about your personality, why you act the way you act, or the best career choice for you, this is your opportunity to know more about yourself and live the life you truly desire" said CEO and Founder, Mac-Jane Crayton.

You are assigned to a mentor throughout your time in the program, and mentors come from many different walks of life. These mentors are "industry experts", and included people like Hollie Cost, former mayor of Montevallo, and Rose James, manager of the Cummins global trademark The volunteer mentors a provided with onboarding training and assistance to make their individual mentoring sessions a success throughout the 6 week period.

Mentee Morin Fifo and her mentor, Sherina Hill.

Because the program was completely online, Dream Mentorship has been able to reach women in places across the world to attend the DreamUp Experience. They’ve had members from Nigeria, Kenya, the United Kingdom, and in states all across the U.S.

The non-profit accepts women from all different walks of life into their program, but yet they still try to make it a point to try to reach those who come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. The organization recognizes that this group of women may require the most guidance in their transition to adulthood and into a career, and they even offer scholarships for the summer program.

"The DreamUp Community has been generous, kind, and supportive at every step. Overall, I’m grateful and blessed to have stumbled upon Dream Mentorship because the tools and experience I’ve gained have been truly transformative.” -Reyann Gallegos, Mentee & Textbook Scholarship Recipient

Dream Mentorship is more than just a resource or mentorship program, it is a place where women everywhere can find hope and inspiration when they need it most. Dream Mentorship helps women to understand that their dreams are VALID and that they can do anything they put their mind to.

If you want to be inspired and receive guidance, sign up to become a member of Dream Mentorship today!



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