At Dream Mentorship, we believe that every dream is valid. Whether that is graduating from college or starting a business. 

According to Inside Higher Ed, 46% of students surveyed say they are forced to forgo meals and trips home to afford college textbooks. This research showed that 31% of students registered for fewer classes and 69% worked a job during the school year -- all to save money for books.

Right now, too many women, especially those in low communities have less than a high school diploma. Our goal is to help!

Through our scholarship fund, we PAY for college textbooks and the cost of GED test for women who need it.

The Dream Mentorship scholarship is available on a rolling basis. Scholarship covers costs for GED tests, College textbooks and our Annual Membership Fees. 

Fill form to apply.

Read eligibility requirements before you apply to ensure you qualify.


Spring Semester : April 25, 2021

Fall Semester: October 25, 2021

You can apply for either or both. Please note that scholarship winners will be announced in May and November respectively.


Every dollar makes a difference and will directly support our mission to support, equip and empower 2,021 women by 2021!


Join our movement to pay for college textbooks for women in our communities so more women can have competitive advantage in the corporate world.

Your contribution is tax-deductible

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