Welcome to the Dream Family

We are about equipping women with the right resources, training, and mentoring to live life to the fullest. Every woman needs a village of other women cheering her on, and that is why building this village is important to us. We are here to help women discover their purpose, thrive in their calling, and live their dream because your dream is valid.


In summer of 2018, God put it on my heart to mentor young women in the Auburn area. I was so scared that my hands literally shook as I typed the ad up to share on Facebook. For weeks no one registered and I questioned whether I heard God at all. Closer to the start date, I got my first registration. More ladies registered for my free 8 weeks mentorship workshop. At the end of 8 weeks of learning, we had a graduation ceremony with 6 young women graduating from our summer program. That began the journey of what you see here today.


I am excited to welcome you to our Dream Mentorship village; a one stop shop for personal enrichment, career development, and spiritual support as we walk in purpose and live out our dreams as women.

My dream is see women win in every aspect of their life. I never want to see a woman not living her best life because she doesn't have access to resources, mentoring or tools. This movement to see women live the life they dream of is what what pushes me each day. So, I personally invite you to join our fight to ensure no woman is without resources & mentoring. Let's do this together because our dreams are valid.

Would you consider joining our fight today?

Mac-Jane Crayton

Founder & Executive Director

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Pam Davis

My dream was to be Self-Employed and own my own business and I have been living this dream for 15 years and excited about what the future holds and most Excited about Who holds my future!

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Christie Clifton

My dream is to be a part of a global impact to bring our health care systems and daily practices of self care back to a sustainable, natural, God honoring method/process.


Dr. Tina Holloway

My passion has always been in helping people and providing guidance however possible. I believe my purpose is to provide, guide and help grow those who are wanting to take advantage of life’s opportunities.


Funlola Gaddis

As a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner, I am passionate about helping others, especially women reach their fitness and wellness goals.


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Ruby Lebischak

Podcast Editor


Maddisen Nelson

Membership Coordination

Sierra Campbell

Communications & Marketing


Nina Jimenez

Email Marketing

Makeila Hofer

Community Engagement