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Preserving Your Mental Health

Mental health is no laughing matter. Neglecting it has shown to have negative effects on your physical health. Because of this its incredibly important to look after yourself mentally, however because of the stigma established by older generations, knowing where to start can be intimidating. It can also be tempting to brush off your mental well being by thinking "oh its not that big of a deal." or "I can just suck it up." However both of these statements are very wrong. Putting off caring for yourself mentally will only make your burden grow heavier, and while you must deal with things in your own time, its never a good idea to needlessly procrastinate. Just to give you a few ideas of how to start caring for your mental health if you aren't already, here is a small list of things I've found helpful in the past!

Get a Therapist

I strongly believe that everyone who can afford a therapist should have one! I see a lot of cases where people will only seek therapy as a last resort (I used to be one of those people) and while therapy can definitely be life saving in those situations, I think going to a therapist regularly is incredibly underrated! It feels amazing to have an outlet to express yourself and talk through all of your emotions on a regular basis, the added benefit to this option is that you can get real time feedback and solutions! If you've never been to a therapist before and are feeling troubled I highly recommend it!

Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal is an easy practice that anyone can do! Similar to going to a therapist it is a nice outlet for all of your thoughts and emotions, however with this method no one other than yourself ever has to know what you've said! I've personally started doing this to drain all of my negative emotions into a book and it has worked wonders! Writing in your journal daily will allow you to actually get rid of all of the stress and bad vibes you build up during your everyday life instead of bottling it up and holding it deep inside. As long as you're honest in what you write, I promise doing this will make you feel a thousand times better!

Find New Hobbies / Return to Old Ones

Getting creative is another amazing way to channel your emotions! I've always found that returning to old hobbies or starting new ones is extremely therapeutic, especially if you're able to get artsy with them and express yourself! So, whatever your interests might be, I urge you to make some time in your schedule for your hobbies!

In closing, please don't push your mental health to the side, its an extremely important part of your well being that is often neglected. So always take some time to work through your emotions in whatever way you see fit!

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