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Top 5 Best Places to get Interview/Business Clothing

As a young professional, I have struggled to find quality, affordable clothing for interviews and meetings. It can be very difficult for college students to buy business clothing-- we want to be taken seriously without wholly destroying our bank accounts. Here are some places that can help.

Banana Republic has what I consider to be by far the most affordable professional clothing. They constantly have great sales, and a relatively wide selection. They have elegant, simple dresses and lovely jewelry. I know many teachers who shop here, and love it. Banana Republic is great for people who are on a budget, but still want to look professional and put together.

Express is my go-to for slacks and pants in general. As someone who prefers the look of a blazer and pant over a blouse or dress, Express always has what I’m looking for. Their clothing fits very well, and is of great quality considering the relatively affordable price. I have quite a few pairs of pants from Express, and they remain in great shape, and look polished.

Ann Taylor is an arguably lesser-known store than the first two, but it’s still great! This is my go-to for blazers. Their blazers are form-fitting in the best way possible, and complete all of my professional outfits. Ann Taylor is another store with a wide selection and good prices. I get a lot of my jewelry and accessories here too, like headbands.

Although I do prefer a suit, when I do want a good blouse, Macy’s is where I go. Macy’s has so many options for blouses, I never find myself leaving their store empty handed. My blouses from Macy’s are overall very colorful, yet sophisticated. I love that combination, so I’m able to express myself professionally with style, while demonstrating the fun sides of my personality.

Finally, Lord and Taylor. This is the most pricey option here, but their clothing quality is AMAZING! I have gotten several dresses here for formal occasions, and think they are beautiful. This is my grandma’s favorite store, and she swears by them! I go to Lord and Taylor when I want a nice dress and am willing to splurge a little. Despite being frugal, I’d say it’s worth it.



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