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Product Review: Networking Apps

As a college student, I know how difficult networking feels. It can feel very overwhelming, especially for someone with little to no experience in the corporate world. Here are some apps that may be able to help.

Of course, Linkedin is at the top. I’m currently re-vamping my profile, but I have always loved Linkedin. It’s easy to operate, and many people in the corporate world have accounts. It’s fascinating to locate people in your field with your desired career and see their credentials. The knowledge you can gain from messaging these sorts of people is invaluable! Additionally, connecting with college alumni in your desired field on this app is a great way to get advice and perhaps a future job opportunity.

Although this is technically marketed as a job-finding site, Indeed is a great place to create professional connections. Even if you do not get the job or internship you desire, you can often find yourself making connections with people in the field of your choice. This is valuable and can allow you to ask them any questions you may have. You never know where Indeed might get you-- it got me this amazing blogging position at Dream Mentorship!

Shapr is a networking app created with the same structure as many dating apps. This app can allow you to meet local professionals in your field. I think this is super interesting because you can interact with people you otherwise would likely never come into contact with. My cousin swears by this app for creating business connections and learning more about her career path.

After doing some research, I stumbled upon this app and found it very interesting. It is for finding local conferences in your field of interest. As an English major who aspires to receive a PhD. someday, I am both curious and excited to see what conferences are relevant to the worlds of rhetoric and research. Although I do not have personal experience with this app, it has great reviews and I can’t wait to try it once quarantine ends.



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