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“My Sisters from The Screen”

If someone asked me what it meant to be a woman, I would say that the word “woman” is just a word that can be described by many other words. We are so much more than our looks and accomplishments. More than ever before, women are speaking out, stepping up, and changing the world. Girls have the power to be unshakable forces and we have created environments that allow us to be the best person we can be.

Dream Mentorship is among many programs that facilitate a place for women to work hard together and gain a family of sisters to take on life with. The focus on faith, tenacity and friendship makes “DM” a resource all women could gain from.

As the communications and marketing intern at Dream Mentorship this semester, I was privileged to gain four new sisters as we collaborated on projects and ideas. All through a screen and a camera. I loved that distance, and the current climate of our society did not prevent me from establishing relationships with women I had never physically met before.

That is just one of the few ways Dream Mentorship has persevered through the times this past year. One of the many events we host, is the “Dream Night” that digitally brings women from all over the world together, to have a night of laughs and conversation. I especially love this environment because there, I feel no judgment. As women we can discuss our fears and vent about the things in our lives, with people who get it!

Women coming together has always been a force to be reckon with. When women take charge, things change, and I love that for us. Having a place to join with others, encourages us more than we may think.

Dream Mentorship hosts Dream Night. A virtual event that brings together women from across the globe for "girl talk."
Dream Night 2021

Right now, the digital world can be exhausting. Many of us, are working from home with our eyes glued to screens on things we may not be that interested in. Dream Mentorship gives you something to look forward to. There are events like Dream Night that allow you to decompress but, then there are opportunities like our career development events that encourages you to focus on you and what you want for yourself.

An “UPLIFT” author, Tanja Taaljard, once wrote,

“Women instinctually know how to nourish each other, and just being with each other is restorative.”

I love that quote because I instantly thought about my fellow interns. How each Friday when we come together to get our brain wheels turning that it’s not just about work. It’s about supporting each other through good and bad times. Being myself with people who were total strangers two months ago.

I highly encourage our readers to join us during our events and follow us on our Facebook and Instagram (@dreammentorship). We are having real conversations that have benefited myself tremendously. I believe that you can find your tribe within Dream Mentorship. We need and want more sisters like you!


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