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Life After Dream Mentorship: Q&A with Sarah Schwindt

1. How long were you a mentee with Dream Mentorship?

I was involved with Dream Mentorship as an intern for about 5 months, including my time in the 7 Week Summer Program! I was mentored throughout my whole internship experience. 

2. Why did you want to join Dream Membership?

I was immediately drawn to interning for Dream Mentorship because I love everything that it stands for: empowering women and encouraging them to believe in themselves and learning how to be the best version of themselves! I have found that community is a vital part of everyone’s journey towards their dreams, and Dream Mentorship extends that needed support while providing opportunities for personal growth! 

3. What goal did you want to accomplish by the end of your mentorship?

Going into the internship, I was really seeking to learn more about myself and what career would be the best fit for my personality and strengths and weaknesses. I can honestly say that through my Mentorship and everything I learned from interning, I was able to achieve this goal. I discovered that after college I would like to pursue a career in Social Media & Digital Marketing.

4. What have you been doing in your professional and personal life after Dream Mentorship?

After Dream Mentorship, besides being a full-time college student, I have been pursuing my dream of creating a business, which I have named Darsena Designs, for my digital artwork. I have created a website for it, and have also been working on new designs to add to the site. 

5. Do you feel like your experience with Dream Mentorship helped you progress in your professional career?

Absolutely. Before Dream Mentorship, I was quite undecided about what direction I would like to take with my future career. Now, not only is my desired career path clearer, but I discovered strengths and abilities that I didn’t even know I had beforehand! 

6. What was your biggest takeaway from Dream Mentorship?

My biggest takeaway from participating in Dream Mentorship, both as an intern and mentee, is to take action for the things you wish to achieve! I realized that all the time I used to spend doubting myself or hesitating out of fear was taking away from time that could be spent working towards my dream. I am now able to shut down those negative voices in my head and simply do the things that will bring me closer to my dreams! The influence and encouragement I received from my mentoring sessions is truly what led me to have this confidence to embrace my passions! Learning how to live a life of taking action has been the most fruitful gift to me now in my life after Dream Mentorship— Ultimately, it is what led me to begin my business in the first place, and is the reason I have been able to accomplish so much in the process of its establishment!

7. Is there anything else you would like to share about your life after Dream Mentorship?

I would just like to encourage anyone who is considering being involved in Dream Mentorship in some way... Go for it! There is something to be gained from this program for every woman. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t participated in Dream Mentorship. My sincere hope is that more young women take the opportunity to experience the professional and personal growth that I did. Ambition is contagious, and this is only the beginning of an amazing community of driven and self-assured women. What a cool thing to be a part of! 

Photos by: Sarah Schwindt



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