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10 Tips on Staying Motivated During Online Schooling

It can be so hard to find the willpower to do work from home. You can stay in bed all day, and lay around without anyone telling you not to. You are in what is likely your most comfortable environment, often associated with familiarity and relaxation. Here are 10 tips on staying motivated during online schooling.

1) Have a Clean Work Environment

The establishment of a space dedicated to solely doing work is important. I love doing homework in my bed as much as the next college student; however, having a clean workspace will put you in the right mindset to be productive. I will be doing a blog post on how to do this very soon-- make sure you keep up with Dream Mentorship’s blog to see it!

2) Establish a routine

It is so hard to not give in to the temptation to sleep in late and lay around when we’re in quarantine and none of our responsibilities force us to leave the house. Establishing a routine will allow you to be productive in your day-to-day life while making things feel semi-normal. I highly recommend making a schedule for yourself and sticking to it to make the most of your days home.

3) Stay Organized

Let’s face it: during this tumultuous time, many of us are slacking. We are preoccupied with the news, the political climate, and our own health. Staying organized will keep you on top of your studies and allow you to thrive in your home environment. I highly recommend getting a planner or something of the sort. I personally use a planner, a desk calendar, and a to-do list notebook (maybe this seems excessive, but I swear it works).

4) Get Ready in the Morning

I find this tip to be the most challenging. It’s so easy to just stay in comfy clothing and lounge around. I find that wearing actual clothing as opposed to pajamas helps get me in the mindset to do work. If you wear makeup and that helps things feel more normal to you, maybe put a bit on. Picking out a nice outfit and doing your hair will certainly make you feel good.

5) Exercise Regularly

Staying active is so important. It will make your mind and body feel a lot better than just sitting around. I find weight training and running to provide me with a nice level of soreness as well as mental clarity. Exercising has been getting me through quarantine for sure.

6) Eat Right

Maintaining a healthy diet, as we all know, keeps you feeling your best. It’s so tricky to have the motivation to make healthy meals while at home. Meal-prepping healthy, complete meals will keep you on track and prevent you from having to cook a new dinner every single day. Maybe you can use your spare time to find new recipes and do some experimental cooking!

7) Hydrate

Although you are likely moving around a lot less than you normally would, it’s still important to hydrate yourself. I’d argue that it’s especially important during this time, since your body is likely going to feel thirst a lot less now that you’re staying relatively stationary throughout the day. I suggest keeping a water bottle with you no matter where you are in your home to remind yourself to drink water.

8) Socialize When You Can

Staying connected with those you love is important. It will keep you feeling sane and add some joy to your life. Whether it be through Zoom or in person with masks, interacting with friends and family is vital to having sound mental health.

9) Get Outside

Fresh air is so good for your body. Constantly sitting indoors with recycled air can feel very stale and dry to your lungs. Getting outside, even if for a few minutes a day, will allow you to get some much needed vitamin D. Whether it be walking, jogging, or running, I highly suggest doing this to improve your overall mood.

10) Make Time for You

Although you’re likely working from home, it’s important to still make time for yourself. Make sure you carve out some time in your schedule to relax, and continue your hobbies. This is a perfect time to even start a new one and get out of your comfort zone!



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