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First of all, I will put it out there that I am not enthused about pregnancy tests. Shortly after Marrell and I got married, I thought I was pregnant. So I bought a pregnancy test which of course was negative. I was disappointed and did not like the feeling. I told myself I did not want to feel that way again. When we got ready to have a baby, the fear of a negative pregnancy still lurked in my mind, so I told myself I was not going to be paranoid about getting pregnant and trying pregnancy tests. Anyway, I found out I was pregnant the not so fun way - at the hospital after a horrible scare that resulted in an ER drive. Story for another day.

Finding out I was pregnant on Christmas eve was the best gift of 2017 for both sides of the family. My family and in-laws were ecstatic.

Reflecting on my pregnancy journey, here are few things I learned.

#1. Bout of energy is normal

During my pregnancy, I expected myself to be tired a lot, sleepy, hungry, lazy...all of which I was. However, I was not prepared for the bouts of energy I had. I was working half day and going to classes later in the day, yet I had so much energy. I felt like I could clean up the whole house, cook, do homeworks, pick up boxes and move furnish ( I do not recommend you do that), and still feel very energetic. I was happy a lot and full of energy. Maybe it is my personality but it helped me to stay positive throughout my pregnancy.

#2. Morning sickness does not have a deadline

I heard people tell me that the morning sickness will disappear after the first trimester. I wish I can tell you that it is true. Well, I must confess that I did not have it rough like I hear some people say but morning sickness never goes away. Anything can trigger it. Fragrance, food spices, just simply waking up and you are rushing to the bathroom and feeling so horrible. Plus, you get that terrible sour taste in your mouth. I literally even threw up just brushing my teeth. I hated the taste of toothpaste and could only use a particular brand with a glass of gingerale next to me, ready to gulped down once I finish brushing my teeth.

#3. Pregnancy is beautiful

Yasss! Outside of taking cute baby bump pictures, pregnancy is beautiful. People are kind and nice to you. There is always the "awww, when are you due?" and "what are you having?" questions from total strangers, yet there is something comforting about it. Oh!, ignore the insensitive random people who try to touch your baby bump or crazy people who almost run you over at zebra crossings, overall it is a beautiful experience. Actually, I miss being pregnant sometimes. Not really. Sorta.

#4. Cravings is a real thing

Have you ever wanted to eat spicy hot wings with McDonald's fries and vanilla ice cream cone  at 2a.m? Yeah, pregnancy will do that to you. You are always hungry. Even when you just finish eating. Seriously! I think I ate pretty everywhere-- in church, in class, at work, during grocery shopping, walking to the mailbox, driving (OMG! This is the worst. I have literally had to park somewhere because of the hunger pangs). The cravings do not make prior announcements, they just hit you suddenly. My husband and I have had to drive several hours to a particular restaurant in a different state from where we lived just because I craved certain Nigerian dishes. So, I know first hand that cravings is legit serious business in pregnancy.

#5. Support is important

Surround yourself around family and people who love you.

#6. It is totally worth it

The joy in my heart and the love for the tiny person in my arms after childbirth was indescribable. The whole pain of labor and the 41 weeks of pregnancy was totally worth it for the precious tiny person in my arms. I fell in love, deeply. I just could not believe I had birthed a WHOLE person. Like seriously, the person in my arms was mine and I get to keep her? Mehnnn! my heart was swelling in pride and love.

I know everyone's pregnancy journey is different, I would like to hear yours. Care to share?





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