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Ditch the Selfie for a Professional Headshot!


Getting a professional headshot done not only shows confidence but it's also a feature that potential employers seek. You only get one chance at making a commendable first impression. Aside from demonstrating your assertiveness, there are some other benefits for getting a professional headshot.


6 Benefits of a Professional Headshot

Like any service, there are advantages to having a professional headshot.

1.) Having a headshot ready communicates the level of your professionalism to clients, investors, and potential employers.

2.) They provide a way of introduction.

3.) Presents potential partners and customers to gain a sense of your personality before conversing with you in person.

4.) Professional headshots leave a lasting impression on others before and after meeting with you. Regardless of the outcome, having a ready headshot will increase the chances of others remembering you.

5.) Will flatter your experience and skills on your career profile. It helps you to stand out from the rest of the crowd of job seekers.

6.) Lastly, having a professional headshot of yourself not only boosts your professional profile but also encourages you. After seeing the photographer's work and your headshot, your confidence will improve as well.

Tips Before Getting Your Headshot Taken

When it comes to knowing how to best prepare for your headshot, here are some suggestions to consider. According to Linkedin's Giancarlo Pawelec, there is a list of precautions and remedies to take before posing for the camera.

1.) Get a good night's rest. You do not want to feel less than refreshed when getting ready to have your photo professionally taken. So, to ensure that you do, be sure to get a good night's rest the night before your scheduled headshot.

2.) Schedule a haircut, or style your hair neatly. Whether you are due for a trim or just woke up, you want to make sure your hair is presentable. Some suggestions include a high ponytail, curl or straighten. Whatever your style is, be sure that it is attractive and frames your face.

3.) Wear flattering clothes. For your professional headshot, you want to look your absolute best. To do that it is best to wear flattering clothes. Regardless if that is in a bright, bold, or soft dress, skirt, or pantsuit.

4.) Apply neutral makeup. Potential employers, clients, partners, and/or investors want to see nothing short of your natural beauty. So, refrain from applying dark eye makeup or glitter of any kind, and go easy on the mascara. Just like your intelligence and talent, let your beauty shine.

5.) Make your first impression count and showcase your face in the light. Nobody is looking to see your back or the

6.) Lastly, let your personality shine

Every woman needs a professional headshot, regardless of how they use it. At Dream Mentorship, we want to provide all women an opportunity to have their headshots professionally taken by experts in the field.



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