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You’ve probably seen so many of these work from home ads or blogs. Well, this is not a list of business ideas you can start as a side hustle. It is more about encouraging you to take that first step towards accomplishing your dream. Are you afraid to start a business? Are you afraid to fail? Are you worried about getting resources to start your business? Do you have this idea that has been pulling you for so long and you don’t know what to do with it?

Guess what? You are at the right place. This blog post is about sharing from personal experience how you can turn your passion, hobby or just an idea into the business of your dreams. The good news is that you don’t even have to be an expert in that area. All you need is you, your idea and your determination to succeed.

JUST TAKE THE FIRST STEP: I always say that starting a business is a a faith walk. You are afraid but you do it anyway. About two years ago, God gave me a tremendous opportunity to pour into specific young women. And towards the end of 2017, I felt the urge to broaden it and pour out the best version of myself to other young women within my immediate circle and outside of my circle. I got scared and questioned if God was speaking to my heart or it's just my flesh. The more I prayed about it, the more it scared me. As I typed the announcement to share it on my personal Facebook page, my hands were literally shaking and my heart beating faster. But I took that leap of faith, trusting God to be glorified through it. Fast forward, 2019 brought in the start of Dream Mentorship. I had to just take that first step and here we are. So many times I'm tempted to give up on my dreams, either because I think it's too hard or I am just afraid. I share my story to encourage you to take that first step. It may be scary but it will be totally worth it.

BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF: Never try to be someone that you are not. It is true that it may feel like the world of stay at home jobs are becoming heavily saturated, but there is a niche out there for you. All you have to do is find out who you are as a person, what problem you are trying to solve and how you want people to see your brand. Being authentic as a business owner includes thinking about what colors you like, what your tagline is and what makes you different from other businesses. You are unique and special. God deposited the idea in you for a purpose. Use it the best way you know how to. If you are still confused about who you are as a person or brand, I teach a class that provides clarity on what your purpose is, how to pursue your dream and what to do with your gifts and talents. Join this class if you want some one-on-one mentoring on this class. It is online and accessible to everyone.

WRITE YOUR FIRST BUSINESS PLAN: Yay! This is the fun part. Not really. But, to start any business, the first place to start is drawing out your business plan. I will plan to share a blog post specifically on how to write a successful business plan. Check back in about two weeks for that blog post. But before then, here are some tips on what to include in your business plan: ·        A brief and concise explanation of what your company does ·        What type of legal entity you want to become (Sole proprietor or LLC) ·        Target audience or target market ·        Your competition and your competitive advantage ·        What you intend to earn

ASK FOR HELP: When I got serious about starting my business, I had a lot of questions. I didn’t know where to start and what running a legal business entity involved. So I asked for help. I found the U.S small business administration (SBA), I signed up for their mentoring assistance. I was assigned a FREE business consultant to go over my business plan and answer specific questions I had about starting a business. I also reached out to SCORE, a free mentoring assistance set up like SBA. I encourage you to find an affiliate or local office where you live. They are very helpful for small business startups.

USE DIY APPRAOCH: Learning to do things on your own can help with the initial start up cost of running a business. For example, I designed my business website myself without having to pay a web designer. That saves you the extra cash you can put towards other things. Using a DIY approach helps you create the brand you want and like. Fortunately, there are a lot of YouTube to-do videos available to help with simple graphic design classes or building a website. If you still feel unsure about building your own business or you feel website building or graphic design is definitely not your area of strength, send me an email and let’s brainstorm on how I can be of help. You read a little bit on how I stepped out in faith and started what you now see as a business. I don’t have every aspect figured out yet but I started and I am glad I did.

Now it is your turn. Will you turn that idea into a work from home business?




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