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5 Best Professional Hairstyles

As a young woman planning on going into the professional world, there’s a lot I have to think about in terms of how I present myself. It’s very challenging to be a woman in the workforce, for the simple reason that your appearance is arguably judged in a far different manner than men. If you look too done up, it can convey the message that all you care about is appearance. If you look too casual, people won’t take you seriously. There is nothing more frustrating than not being taken seriously. Thank goodness Dream Mentorship provides professional development classes, which force the world to take us women seriously by providing us with the tools we need for success. Here are some professional hairstyles to help you present yourself in a way that will be taken seriously.

1. High Bun or Ponytail

This is my personal favorite. I think a high bun or ponytail looks sleek, and very professional. It prevents your hair from getting in the way, and allows you to do your job with no interruptions. It also allows you to show off any jewelry you have, like statement necklaces or earrings. I love this look!

2. All Natural

I love when women wear their natural hair down because it conveys a sense of authenticity. Natural hair is BEAUTIFUL! There is nothing wrong with embracing who you are and what God gave you.

3. Low Bun or Ponytail

I think a low bun or ponytail conveys the message that you want to be taken seriously. This look really pulls together an outfit with a blazer or suit.

4. Half-up Half-down

If you want to wear your hair down but don’t want it getting in the way of your day-to-day duties, half up half down is a great option. It allows you to show the beauty of your hair while still letting you get that partially slicked-back look.

5. Straightened or Curled

Finally, if you want to mix up your typical look, applying some heat to your hair is a fun way to do it. It can change the look of your whole outfit, and make you look like you put a lot of effort into your look.



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