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Easy Scholarships

If you are in or going to college then you know that it can be extremely pricey! Between the base tuition and additional fees college can be more than a handful to pay for, especially if you're trying to avoid student loans! Thankfully scholarships exist to help us circumvent this! The only problem is that they are very time consuming and incredibly hard to get! Often times it can feel like there's scholarships catering towards every demographic except yours. Luckily though there are scholarships that award money either based on a raffle system or even just by interviewing applicants! In order to help out some of you that are struggling to pay for school, I've put together a small list of easy application scholarships to help get you started! Remember though that you should always cast a wide net with these things, and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of additional scholarships you can apply to!

Scholarship points: $10,000

First up on our list is a ten-thousand dollar scholarship from! This is a super convenient scholarship to apply to. All you have to do is register an account on the site by submitting some basic information about yourself! After you've made an account, you can apply to all sorts of scholarships ranging from one-thousand dollars all the way up to ten-thousand (linked above)!

Be Bold no essay: $5,000

A lot of scholarships require you to put in a little extra elbow grease when you apply to them. This can range from writing an essay to being interviewed for the scholarship! While these types of scholarships have more work involved in them, there is also a greater chance that you can secure them because they do not rely on random chance. You should always take the opportunity to do these types of scholarships when you have the time, but it also doesn't hurt to apply to as many no-essay scholarships as possible! These no-essay scholarships are great because they usually just involve typing in some basic information about yourself and then you're signed up for a raffle to see if you get the scholarship! has a five-thousand dollar no-essay scholarship with the only catch being that you have to invite friends to register accounts on their site! This method is still incredibly fast, and on top of that, a lot of the random chance is taken out of winning the scholarship! The way to win is by being the person who invited the most friends to sign up to the site. If you choose to try your hand at this scholarship, I wish you luck!

CollegeXpress: $10,000

CollegeXpress is an amazing site that allows you to search for scholarships, but it gets even better! Just by signing up to use the service, you are entered in a raffle to win a ten-thousand dollar scholarship! This on its own is worth making an account on the site (especially since its free!), but I personally recommend taking advantage of their extensive database of scholarships. They have an amazing information on around seven-billion dollars worth of scholarships and even have blogs and articles that can help you learn how to get them! All in all, the ten-thousand dollar scholarship is just the cherry on top of this sundae, the real value comes from the tools this site provides for you!

I hope that the sites I've provided you with can help to get you started on the scholarship hunt! Remember that there's no such thing as having too many scholarships!



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