Are you looking for practical steps on h
  • Are you looking for practical steps on how to live out your dreams?

  • Are you looking for support and encouragement in a christ-centered atmosphere?

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Are you looking for practical steps on h


Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you have questions about your identity, your purpose, what you're called do in life? Are you struggling with your esteem, confidence, stress, managing your time or focusing? 


Do you need help starting a business? Do you need help pursuing your passion? Do you want to launch a nonprofit?


Do you need revamping your resume, cover letter or bio? Do you have an interview coming up and need a mock interview? Do you have questions about the best or suitable career for you?

Are you looking for practical steps on h

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Are you looking for practical steps on h


Our summer program is a 7 week virtual course designed to help build career skills and personal growth. Join us for a practical guide to personal success. This is a beginner program for anyone willing to dive deep into themselves and discover their paths.

Dream Advance

This program is the NEXT STEP for members who have taken our DreamUp program. Here, we continue to guide you towards achieving your goals with practical, customized milestones to help you live out your dreams.

Skill-Up Bootcamp

Join us for an exclusive business and professional development boot camp. You will meet business owners, gain intensive business development & branding training, tour a company, and receive one-on-one mentoring.