DreamUp Experience

DreamUp summer mentoring & leadership capstone is the signature women's empowerment program for Dream Mentorship. Every year, 20-34-year-old women join us for 6 weeks of curriculum-based training on personal development, career advancement, leading with purpose, and the basics of starting a business.

As a mentee at Dream Mentorship, this is the next step towards personal enrichment and professional growth. Becoming a mentee means you consent to participate in this certificate-based training. 

This virtual camp is an opportunity for women to dive deeper into discovering what their purpose is and how to live it. Spiritual gifts test, Love language, Personality Type, Career Assessment, and other assessments will be utilized throughout the class schedule to enable you to learn more about yourself, your gifts, and your why.


You will be paired with an industry boss as an exclusive and personal mentor during the duration of the program.