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Dear Woman with wildest Dreams,

Our mission is simple. We provide women with the strategies and tools they need to pursue their dreams with confidence and clarity. 

If you have struggled with finding the right resources to help you in your career and professional development, if you have questions about your purpose, passion and goals, if you ever wished someone showed you the blueprint on how to start a business, if you have thought of going to a business conference that you is curated just for you, here's what I want to tell you: 

Your dream is absolutely valid and we want to support you every way we can.

So now that we’re on the same page, please allow me to introduce you to Dream N'Brunch, an atmosphere where you’ll get the guidance, straight-talk and tough love you need to make 2021 the year you truly blossomed and started living your dreams.

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Get the support and encouragement you deserve. Let's help make your wildest dreams a reality!

During this one-day virtual conference, old and new dreams will be ignited, you will be empowered, and a new inspiration to live your dreams will be birthed.


At this conference, you have the opportunity to watch with friends through our virtual party option. Covid-19 has made in-person meetings limited, but we encourage a small group of friends (following social distancing guidelines) to watch this conference together to create fellowship, conversation, and love.

From 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. CST, you’ll indulge in wisdom from our powerhouse panelists who will give you the tools and strategies to not only secure the bag but also get your mind, body, and spirit in check too.

When you join us at Dream N'Brunch,

  • You will hear practical experiences and stories of successful female business owners and business professionals to help you focus your ideas and live out your dreams.

  • You will gain insight on financial freedom - learn how to plan the retirement you dream of.

  • Learn fail-proof tips on how to start, sustain and run a successful business.

  • Enjoy girl talk, giveaways, guest speakers, fun photo-ops, networking opportunities, and more! There will be food, panel conversation, fellowship, fun, and a whole lot of Jesus.

Now is the time to make your daydream, your day job!


"...you did an awesome job! The panelists were amazing, and I was able to jot down some very encouraging and informative points. Thank you so much for putting together a great event!"
~ Nicole

“...Your speakers shared so many valuable lessons!” ~ Tanya

Here's more reason to join us.
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