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Your donation to our 501(c)(3) charitable organization will help us continue to provide FREE and accessible professional development courses and personal enrichment training for women, 17-35 years old. Your contribution is tax-deductible


Every dollar makes a difference and will directly support our mission to equip, serve and provide 2,021 women the tools and strategies they need to build a life and career they desire by 2021. Your tax-deductible donation will help this nonprofit fund essential programs, free courses and  training to support female college students and developing professionals, as well as help us keep our doors wide open to continue to say, "yes!", to many women across North America and West Africa.

Help us continue to provide free skills training so no woman will have an excuse not to get to great job or start their own business.

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Text-to-Donate: Text #DREAM to (202) 858-1233


"The DREAM Workshop has been incredibly beneficial. I have learned to believe in myself and my dreams. I have also learned many different techniques to network and connect with others. I thank you MJ for stepping out on faith and blessing me with all of this new and useful knowledge and confidence!"


—  Amanda Jordan, Alumni Mentee



We couldn't do what we do without supporters like you. Thank you for supporting our mission to give women the skills and preparation they need to be successful in their careers. We appreciate your partnership.

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